Mar. 14th, 2010

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Emerald City Comic Con Day 1 Awards

Best Moment: Being in the Stan Lee panel, listening to him speak for forty minutes.
Worst Moment: Being the guy (or, one of three guys) who got cut off from asking him a question.
Most Amusingly Ironic Moment of the Worst Moment: In the line to get into the Q&A, I was talking to a woman who had cut across the line with me basically talking about how when there are open spots for lines, it's pretty much just survival of the fittest and all about taking initiative. In the line to ask Stan Lee questions, for a brief moment there was a spot open between the second person and the third, and some dude cut in. If he hadn't, I would've asked my question. I can't even be angry over that, that's just fair play.
Most Awesome Small Child: The kid ahead of me in the Subway line, who disapproved of the idea of his dad wearing a Star Trek red shirt to the convention because then he would die. Any kid who is aware of the Red Shirts Always Die rule at that age is going to turn out alright.
Best Thing Bought: An Orange Lantern shirt.
Most Gloriously Awful Question Asked at a Panel: Has to go to this dude at the Green Lantern panel, who went up and started going on about how superheroes should fight against the vast conspiracies controlling the White House and how Adam West is from Washington State and SCIENCE and then when someone on the panel finally cut him off and asked if he actually had a question, he just sort of mumbled about how we could really make Green Lanterns with HYDROGEN and then took the walk of shame.
Best Sign That ECCC Needs a Lot of Work at Being a Big Name Con: They put basically every last panel and Q&A session of interest on Saturday. I mean, seriously. Stan Lee, Wil Wheaton, Leonard Nimoy, and basically all of the general Marvel & DC panels were all on one day in a manner where you pretty much had to choose between them repeatedly. It's unfortunate because they have so much more interesting content and guests than SakuraCon but it still feels relatively b-list in comparison both to that and, obviously, PAX.

Today I give the Dr. Cube costume a test-run to see how it's holding up (hopefully better than the Evil Midnight Bomber last year, which if I want to reprise it ever again I need to make some repairs), and then dress rehearsals for my final project for Drama 252 tomorrow, in which I'll be playing a talk show host who is also a shark. Oh, theatre.


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