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Still my favorite Christmas song of all time, cheesy as it is. When I was a kid 107.7 The End would play this all the damn time in December, despite the fact that it was so distinctly unlike even the other Christmas music they played (mostly stuff like "hey guys Blink 182 has a Christmas song, check it out!") and I think I started automatically associating it with the idea this is December and Christmas cheese is appropos in December, dammit. This is a slightly different Christmas because this is the first Christmas Eve I'm not spending with my mother, who's in Norway celebrating Christmas Eve with her sister and holy fuck I have like an uncle-in-law now or something. That is weird to realize. What that means is that Christmas Eve, which is actually a bigger deal than Christmas Day in Norway, is just having dinner out with dad and Mia and opening a couple gifts from friends of friends. But that's alright; I think the older I get the more chill Christmas Eve gets.

On the school front, 3.92 GPA. Including a 3.9 in Scandinavian Literature which proves that my skill at bullshitting a term paper in the eleventh hour hasn't lost its potency even in Real College.

And, just because I haven't updated my LJ with shit my dad's said in a good while;

Dad: "Who are you to judge me on what I buy? It's my TV!"
Mia: "Okay!"
Dad: "And it's my Play-fuckin'-Station!"
Mia: "What?"
Dad: "And it's my Play-fuckin'-Station!"
Mia: "What?"
Mia: "I don't even play PlayStation!"
Dad: "Good! 'cause it's my PlayStation, bitch!"

He doesn't even play video games. He just got it for Blu-Ray and for Netflix's watch instantly service. Also he bought a 52" TV which he justified with logic regarding how huge his living room is. He will probably spend much of the next month just watching lots of movies on Netflix and on the SciFi network. I want to have my dad's lifestyle when I'm his age.


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