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Yes, I took a month off (hahahaha clearly) in anticipation of the one weekend where I really enjoy using my own LJ, the PAX Events Occur in Real Time posts! This time it's coming up a little bit delayed because I'm starting the day at the satellite Pegasus Theatre in the Sheraton Hotel with no wifi access whatsoever for the Rock Band 3 Q&A (two years of not standing in the horrible Giant Expo Hall Line running, hooah!). Damn you, PAX, for scheduling one of the things I really really really wanted to go to immediately at the start of the convention.

9:41 AM - Pre-show entertainment is two Enforcers doing the "If you've never ______, sit down!" game. I, like everyone in the line, survived "never beaten a Mario game before," but I sat down on "never completed a mission on Gears of War" because it's hard to complete a mission on a game you've never played before, man.

11:30 AM - Oh man, it looks like there might not be any wifi at PAX what the fuck? Uh. HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE ROCK BAND 3 PANEL:

- New final challenge for Rock Band 3; "Obsessive Compulsive: Hit Every Note in Rock Band."
- "More Muse or I burn down ground. Fuck you Rock Band. Thanks for game. Fuck you."
- "* G_R_I_M_E_Y says 'rock band sucks!'
* G_R_I_M_E_Y has sent a friend request!"
- Opening video for Rock Band 3 is great.
- The original pro guitar training vidoe is hysterical. It includes instructions on how to hold a guitar and how to put on the strap.

11:37 AM - Omeganauts are playing Zombie Dice as round one. I barely understand how it works and maintain that I'm ambivalent dice games as round one. Last year's runner-up is in this batch of people throwing dice.

11:44 AM - this poor dude has the shittiest luck in rolling dice, and so he's out of the Omegathon. Yyyyyup. Not sticking around for the rest of this because last year's runner-up is still in and it's just dice, man.

12:34 PM - Games that I need to play in the Expo Hall once I'm willing to stand in the lines: The Old Republic, Kirby's Epic Yarn, Epic Mickey, Rock Band 3, Sonic 4, etc. etc. etc. Also some dude I have never met before and I had a long conversation about games whilst watching Epic Mickey. Ah, shared languages.

7:29 PM - went to the Square/Enix demonstration. FFXIV looks incredibly weird but charming. I'll probably do the open beta. Deux Ex: The Human Revolution had an adorably awkward lead writer presenting it, and it was awesomely glitchy. I love when game demos go horribly wrong.

10:44 PM - Anamanaguchi played like half of the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack at least. It ruled. Best part was that they closed the set with the theme for "The Perfect Ending," which none of them had been able to figure out how to get. Some dude in the balconies yelled it out, and the lead guitarist was like "oh, awesome! That makes sense! You're a great gamer." And then he never repeated what it actually entailed. The moment they finish playing is the moment my PAX Day One ends.


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