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Minor things that currently bug me:

- People who get Neopolitan ice cream and then proceed to eat all of one of the flavors without touching the other two (partially because it's always chocolate).
- Limewire's HORRIBLE search engine for files. I do a search for "Real Love" by The Beatles and as a result I get every song the Fabs ever made, even if they don't have the words "real" or "love" in them.
- In a related note, people who label songs incorrectly on Limewire. Sometimes they're understandable, but sometimes they're ridiculously stupid (like, say, Public Enemy being credited with "Fuck tha Police" when, in said song, the members of N.W.A. identify themselves and the fact that they're in N.W.A.).
- Waiting another day for my new AC adaptor to come.
- Mia buying yet another sim game (this time it was The Urbz, which is The Sims except in the city or something), meaning she's going to be impossible to get out of the studio for like a week.

Also, Ibrahim Ferrer (of Buena Vista Social Club fame, though I know him more from the awesome track on the first Gorillaz album "Latin Simon (Que Pasa Contigo)", admittedly) is dead. Damn.

On a more upbeat note, Galen threw a party thing at his house and it was pretty cool. I think I enjoyed hanging out with Adam and Tony outside more than anything that happened regarding gaming, oddly enough. And the second encounter with Mid-Boss (where he's mastered the Adonic Blast) in Disgaea continues to kick my ass.

So yeah.


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