Jul. 17th, 2006 09:37 am
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Yesterday I got up at seven AM to drive down to Tacoma to take kayaking lessons.

So here is what I learned from that lesson;

- If you ever want to learn how to kayak, do not learn it from some guy named Ken in Tacoma.
- Nothing else.

Dad and I get there five minutes late. That's okay because surely we're going to do a lot of stuff regarding paddling and safety, right? No, apparently that WAS the first five minutes. So I get there in time to learn how to properly get into a kayak... and then out into the water I go. Yep.

Better yet, we're kayaking with the paddles feathered (that's where they're at different angles to cut down on wind resistance). I did not know the diifference between feathered and unfeathered paddles. Because this is a beginner's class in theory and this guy is supposed to teach me the difference. He doesn't. So I'm trying to paddle feathered and I am going nowhere fast. And Ken is starting to get frustrated because holy god, I don't know how to kayak. Big shock.

You see, for a teacher Ken is surprisingly inept at actually figuring out what's wrong. No, he just repeats "VERTICAL" and "nice and eeeeeasy" over and over and over and over. And so he decides that clearly I'm going to have to go to the shore and that's it for me. My kayaking lesson lasted thirty glorious minutes. But suddenly one of the other students (who are all middle-aged and half of them clearly have actual experience kayaking) ends up in the water further down the coast so he has to go get them back in their kayak, so another guy who clearly knows his stuff stays around to help me out.

And you know what? That guy, the guy who isn't teaching the class, did a better job of giving me a vague idea of what I was doing and not making me feel completely inept than the fucking teacher. I was moving slowly, sure, but slowly in the RIGHT DIRECTION. I was starting to get it (though the kayak felt really, really unsteady so I kept getting weirded out).

Then Ken came back and made me go to shore. I took the kayak back and that's it. Dad is more or less demanding his money back.

And four hours later Dad and I rented a kayak, went out to Lake Union, and had a great time, and I had very little problems using paddles that weren't feathered. So I think we're going to try and do that more often. Thanks, Ken.
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I have seen hell. And it is a Department of Licensing office.


May. 10th, 2006 05:34 pm
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Dear each and every person who sits in front of the comic book section of any bookstore reading manga collection after manga collection,

They have chairs. Seriously, they do. You can go to the chairs and sit down in them and read your manga. This way nobody has to ask you to move when they're wanting to look through the section and you're generally not cluttering up space.

So please stop fucking crouching and sit down like a sane, rational person.

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You know what isn't funny anymore?

Chuck Norris.

Get over it, people. Jeez.
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Upon learning that 107.7 has decided that two hours of Adam Carolla just isn't enough so they're putting his nationally syndicated morning radio show (intended as a replacement for Howard Stern) on their schedule, I finally decided that I should comment on their return to sweet, sweet hideousness.

So I sent a long e-mail to them that I'm sure will never be read but it felt good to write anyway about how stupid this decision was and why their station is so irritatingly bad and disappointing at the same time.

I mean, honestly, I grew out of my 107.7 phase ages ago and this letter was beginning to take shape over a year ago when Jet started getting the Linkin Park treatment, but man, was that refreshing.


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