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Alright, first. After I flinched when it looked like he was going to throw a shirt at me (he wasn't and I was being paranoid), Dad took it faux-personally.

Dad: "You don't trust me."
Me: "... well... I mean, you've done it before..."
Dad: "You don't trust your own father... your own, loving father..." *Picks up a pillow from a nearby couch and throws it at me.*
Me: "Ack!"
Dad: "Your own loving, trusting father..."

So we went to see The Promise, and whilst waiting for it I was reading a book. And Dad... well, he took out a knife and started poking at my leg with the dull end of it because he decided against bringing a book and regretted it immediately.

Long story short, The Promise is seventeen flavors of stupid. Don't watch it.

Top Gun RP

Apr. 1st, 2006 02:32 pm
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Things like this are exactly why I'm happy I lurk at Gaia.

A Top Gun roleplaying thread. A Top Gun roleplaying thread.

And one of the rules is you have to listen to "Danger Zone" and tell him what it made you think of.

I am so tempted to join.
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After I told my dad about (he's a Tarantino fan), he got to thinking. After a couple of seconds...

"You know what Tarantino should make? Porn. Slasher porn. Wait, no, zombie porn."

And I am entirely inclined to agree.


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