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Today was one of those days. I'm not going to dwell on it.

Instead, a lovely Nova moment.

First off, yesterday Carla's coor group did that game where someone stands in the middle of a circle and is like "join me if you (insert thing here)," and then the people who have whatever it is in common with the guy who said it have to leave their chairs and get to an entirely different chair. The last person standing has to do the "join me" thing, lather, rinse, repeat.

So this freshman guy is stuck in the middle and he utters the best one of these things ever.

Freshman: "Join me if you're going through puberty."
Everybody Else: *Remains in their seats and stares at the poor sap in complete and total disbelief.*
Feshman: "... dammit."

And then there was the incident in the geek lounge today where our principal walked in on Logan, Galen, and Isaac debating playing Magic the Gathering at school versus... well, to be all PC, self-love during school. It was such great timing, too, and her response to the discussion after we all finished cracking up was golden; "Oh, and there's a Sex Talk discussion in Eyva's room at one, just letting you know."

I love this school.

Might be going tomorrow; I have signed up for all of my classes, but if I'm feeling alright I want to go to hang out with people and get free burgers. But if not, hey, four-day weekend.


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