Jan. 1st, 2006 07:35 pm
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The second annual Mat Mat Revolution New Year's Shindig ended a bit over five hours ago, and it was a hell of a three-man party. We watched Clone Wars Volume One (which was pretty meh outside of the AWESOME Mace Windu scene), This is Spinal Tap, Arrested Development Season One (Galen watched thirteen episodes in a row. Tony had fallen asleep by then and I just went to the laptop, but Galen was hardcore about it), and I Love the 90's (somehow both New Years' parties I've held ended in us exhaustedly watching I Love the 90's before people left). Also, games of Halo 2, Taiko Drum Master, and Fusion Frenzy were played. In addition to all of this, Galen got phone calls from crazy internet people, we had a pleasant AIM chat with an extremely drunk Ernie the Halo Nazi, and Galen became obsessed with my samurai sword. Hell of a party, all in all.

I didn't end up going to bed until 3:30 PM, and then I woke up again at 6:00 so I could check in with people and do some stuff before going back to bed, which will be in half an hour or so, I'm guessing.

I've got no thoughts on the change of year. For some reason I haven't even really processed that it's 2006 yet.
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So Tony and Dane came over to the studio for New Year's Eve. Certain shenanigans prevented Robin and Leon from going, but that's okay because as it turns out the studio is great for housing three people at once, but I think any more than four would make it overcrowded, and that's only if you moved a bunch of things.

We watched/played, on this night of too many sodas and breakfast cereal marshmellow confections...

- Invader Zim (Which we had to go back to my Dad's house and get. On the way back, Dane tried to enter the WRONG HOUSE, in front of the owner of that house no less. Apparently he gets a little insane at the mention of Zim after being up in the mountains all day.)
- The Batman movie with Adam West. (Quite possibly one of the funniest movies I've seen in ages.)
- Tetris. On the Xbox. As with most things Tetris related, I came out on top.
- Halo 2, which was surprisingly fun. I officially submit that giant multiplayer games of Halo are fun if you're good at the game. If you're terrible, though, a smaller game is the way to go.
- Dance 360. For the first time ever someone halfway capable of dance moves won.
- I Love the 90's. Lots of it. Too much of it.
- Episodes of Arrested Development.

It rocked. Also, we antagonized Robin on the phone and left a message for Ryn that, well, was pretty bizarre. If she wants to post about it she will, if not I'll eventually post the incredible transcript.

2004 was a good year. Well, for me, anyway, outside of the whole election thing. So... uhm... 2005. Yippee.


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