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PAX 2006 Day One Thoughts:

- This is the greatest line ever. All of it.
- The Smash Brothers tournament was a spectacular disaster on all fronts.
- Barnes and Noble helped clear my head, though, and I was in a good mood for the rest of the evening.
- The Video Game Pianist is fantastic live. He proceeed to play pretty much every relevant song from any Mario game prior to Mario 64 as his finale, which had to be like ten minutes long at least. It was incredible.
- Optimus Rhyme not so much. I think their music is probably pretty good for nerd rap, but for fuck's sake their set needed to be like five songs shorter. They also have the worst on-stage banter I have ever witnessed. "This song is about my first true love. And no, it's not rapping." The guy was seriously shocked when THAT didn't elicit laughs from the audience.

Also, Robin, Freddy, Owen, Feather and I played the greatest game of Risk ever. It involved the futuristic board and renaming countries continually. Mexico, for example, becamse La Planeta de Agua (Arriba!). Also, Canada in Futuristic Risk World is a fucking tiny little country and that makes me laugh for some reason.

My solution to not having a place to sleep is to not sleepp. Iiiiiii'm not gonna ma-a-a-ake it, no no, Iiiiii'm not gonna ma-a-a-ake it.


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