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Feb. 1st, 2006 03:58 pm
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Nova politics drama bullshit really is the best.
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Tomorrow is the Nova Science Fair Explosion 2006 or something like that. I will be there with a terrible forensics thing and I will sit at a table and boredly point out peoples' types of fingerprints and explain why the cool experiment I was going to have completely fell apart in execution earlier today.

Ideally only Geek Lounge Mafia-types and other various Mat Sympathizers will come to this table and understand that I really, really suck at this.

However, I know I'm going to get people who obviously know far more about fingerprint analysis than I could ever hope to. And I'm probably going to continually mess up when it comes to whorls. God do I hate those whorls.

If this doesn't drive me nuts I will then be doing it once again on Exhibition Night on Thursday, all in the name of extra credit.

I just love science classes!
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Okay, so I forgot to mention this when summarizing the dance.

During the Best Dancer contest, after accidentally doing an aikido roll RIGHT into Bob who was doing what I think are classified as windmills or some such breakdancing move and before generally antagonizing Dane (I'll admit it, I'm jealous of him with his awesome trophy for Best Costume), I decide that clearly my obnoxious yellow sweater must be used to good effect. So, in a fit of absolute insanity, I decide to try to use it as a jumprope despite knowing that it's way too short for that. So I try it. First time, failure. Second time, success. Feelin' good now, ready for a third one... and I land ON the sweater and slip, landing on my back, legs completely vertical.

Now, if I were in any other state of mind I would have just gotten up and made some sort of self-deprecating comment. But I had some manner of horror book to win, dammit. I was in the zone. So I, instead, use what momentum I had to do a backwards roll and land on my feet, jumping up and posing like an idiot.

As anyone who has ever seen Mr. T's Be Somebody or Be Somebody's Fool knows, this is what wou would call "recouping." I, Mat Morgan, totally recouped and used that momentum to finish... um third... in the dancing contest, behind Bob (who actually knows how to dance) and... um... I don't remember her name. Some freshman girl who totally went the Dance 360 route, maybe (I can't actually remember what she did at ALL).

Also, despite my bitter, seething (no, not really) rage towards Dane and Nicole for beating me in Best Costume, it's also worth noting that the Geek Lounge took home three of the five awards. That's pretty sweet right there.


Jan. 14th, 2006 02:10 pm
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The Horror Class Dance, the Positives and Negatives.


- Finished third in the Best Dancer contest. I won this by dancing absolutely horribly. I won a book. I'm disappointed that I didn't win best costume, though. Not because I think I deserved it as much as I wanted one of those trophies they awarded the winners so I could carry it around for the rest of the school year a la Owen Hart.
- My costume went over well; I got a tennis shirt, a racket, and an obnoxious yellow sweater and went as a yuppie.
- "Tank!", "Bee Jam Blues," and "Bohemian Rhapsody" were all played.
- I got to make a mockery of the breakdancing circle as I always tend to do.


- I am never making another CD of music for a school dance again unless the DJ is Durban's brother again, because it just leads to the song I request not getting played for like two hours.
- I can barely move now.

So I came out ahead. Woo.
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I've made a terrible mistake.

My costume for tonight's dance at Nova was supposed to merely scary.

Instead it is too horrifying for words. I can't wait to disgust you all with it tonight.


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