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Thanks to Matt Renton downloading a terrible version of Shockwave or something onto my computer the laptop got a virus that it took approximately three and a half hours with tech support and another hour and a half trying to find my Windows XP reinstall CD to fix. At least, I'm fairly certain that's what happened. Whatever.

On the plus side, I found the J-Rock mix CD that I made in sophomore year with Cali Gari's classic song where they yell out numbers and apologize to their families in the search. So every cloud has a silver lining.

EDIT: I shouldn't make it out to look like it's solely Matt's fault, or even that it's his fault at all. After all, I gave him the okay, first off, and since I wasn't paying attention I don't know the details of what actually happened there. For all I know there might have just been a bug in Windows or something messed up on Robin's wireless network. It's just that the Shockwave thing was the only software that was installed on the computer prior to the virus showing up and supposedly the cause was due to some manner of software installed.
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My laptop's keyboard is broken. The CTRL key seems to be permanently stuck or something. So I called tech support and got the new Harry Potter book (yeah, I caved and got it) and a playlist of relaxing music ready. Surprisingly, I got a tech support guy within one minute.

Unsurprisingly, he wasn't much good at what he was paid to do.

Me: "Okay, so it's like my CTRL key is stuck. If I press, say, the B key in Microsoft Word, it'll bold the text instead of actually typing the B or whatever."
Him: "That's normal."
Me: "... what?"
Him: "If you have the CTRL key pressed that's what it will do."
Me: "But it's NOT being pressed! That's the point!"
Him: "That's normal."
Me: "Dude, WHAT? No it's not!"
Him: "Could you open some sort of text file, please?"
Me: "Okay. Notepad's open. I'll try typing 'word' in. W -- nothing happens. O -- it tries to open a file. R -- nothing happens. D -- nothing happens!"
Him: "Could you type in 'dell'?"
Me: "... yeah, srue. D -- nothing happens. E -- nothing happens. L -- nothing happens. L -- nothing happens."
Him: "Could you highlight it and press control C?"
Me: "Highlight what?"
Him: "The word."
Me: "There is no word. That's the point!"
Him: "Wait... what?"

At this point he finally got what I was saying. So he decided that I should manually reinstall the keyboard. In my efforts I managed to completely destroy the escape key and scrape the casing a bit. Finally he gave in and send a dispatch thing to the onsite technician, who should be coming within a week as per usual.

So any pertinent LJ things will likely be updated on my sister's computer whilst my laptop will only be good for listening to music and watching video files. Joy. Stay tuned next week when my hard drive will inevitably explode again!


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