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The Pillows are playing another show in Seattle.

Except this time? It's all-ages.

Happy happy joy joy HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY.
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The headliners for Bumbershoot have been partially announced.

And wow, if you like angsty pop-punk-whateveritis, this is your year (Hawthorne Heights, Yellowcard, and AFI, hoo-RAH).

But Hip-Hop 101 looks fucking astounding. Kanye West and A Tribe Called Quest (which rhymes. Odd.). That should be absolutely brilliant. So I will go on that day no matter what.

Of course, I also told my dad that I'd go with him to see Dave Matthews Band (yeah yeah yeah, I know, but he really digs that stuff) that weekend, and I don't know which day he has tickets for. Hopefully they put Kanye/A Tribe Called Quest on Monday, even though Hip-Hop 101 is usually on Sunday.
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Vendetta Red Final Show Notes:

- The opening band's name I have already forgotten and their music is the same way. Imagine Weezer circa Maladroit except blander.
- Kane Hodder. Wow. I couldn't follow their music at all because I was so distracted by how awesomely hammy they all were. The lead singer, especially, did some great spazzing out (though Zach Davidson managed to outdo him at the start of Vendetta Red's set by hanging upside down on the lighting. You cannot make that shit up).
- The Divorce would have been great if I weren't so distracted by the unbearable humidity in El Corazon. I was entirely convinced that "Redcoats" was a cover of some sort as opposed to a song that they actually wrote themselves since it sounds exactly like the kind of catchy pop nonsense that showed up in the 90's now and then.
- Vendetta Red. Absolutely amazing, completely exceeding all of my expectations. The first hour was utterly perfect high-energy singalong rock and roll (even though unlike Mia, who knew each and every song they played for the most part, I didn't know the lyrics to most of the songs), and whilst the last half an hour started off with some really lame "damn our parents" crap, they made up for it.

See, I went into the show just wanting to hear either "The Long Goodbye," "All Cried Out," or "Ribcage Menagerie." Any one of those. They never, ever played those songs live, it was always same old, same old. Then they did all three. It was great.

So the concert was more than worth going to, heat and lame opener be damned. Plus Mia had a really fun time, so hey.
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Vendetta Red has broken up. I'm not surprised so much that they've broken up as I'm surprised that I care (and am actually somewhat sad to see them go). Back in 2002-2003 I really, really adored them and was completely convinced that they were the next big thing. And then I stopped caring. I mean, after they decided to seemingly focus on everything I hated about White Knuckled Substance and dismiss everything I liked (their major label debut is about 50% their last album, except none of the really good songs made it in in lieu of awful garbage like "Stay Home"), I didn't really bother with much of their stuff from that point on (really, I think I sort of outgrew them in a way).

Still, my sister will be pissed when she hears if she hasn't heard yet. I'm considering taking her to their last show next month; even if they don't play anything I want to hear (last time I saw them, at Endfest '05, they played what was almost a carbon copy of what they played at Bumbershoot '03 with a couple of new songs thrown in along with some of the most amazingly over-the-top summaries of their new songs ever. "This is about huffing glue... with GOD."), it seems right to see them for a fourth and final time. Plus I'd really like to see Kane Hodder live; I like what I've heard of their KEXP session.


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