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I was going to write a post about how the Wil Wheaton Rock Band event greatly disappointed me and struck me as an unfortunate combination of ECCC making an incredibly stupid advertising decision (claiming it is a two-hour event when Wil was only going to be there for the first half) and Wil Wheaton himself clearly having had a long, exhausting con weekend and not really being up for playing Rock Band, physically or in how he was conducting himself, but dude, whatever. I had basically the most awesome day I've had in a long time yesterday, in spite of the fact that I spent the first five hours of it studying for a final and I went through most of the day on three hours of sleep. I felt like I actually made headway in regards to acting for the first time in weeks, I put in a performance on my European History final that I was actually happy with, and I'm going to spend this weekend watching Trigun and playing Dragon Age and watching wrestling and maybe hanging out with people if possible. I am dedicated to making this the most chill break I've had in a while (as opposed to just having a lazy break, which is what I usually do).

It probably helps that Seattle weather right now is about ten to fourteen degrees away from being perfect. Right on, Seattle.
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