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The Quotable Mia:

Mia: "Don't make fun of my disability!"
Me: "... watching Save the Last Dance is NOT a disability."

Also, Good Charlotte has a new song out. I note this because it's AWESOME. And it's awesome because it sounds like what would happen if Cake made a post-punk record and let a sixth-grader write the song lyrics.
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My sister discovered Sci-Fi Life & Death today.

Oh god.
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Dateline: Yesterday

I get home from school, walk into the main house, and decide to say hello to my sister. I walk to her room, and... find her in an awful dress of some sort doing a dance move of some sort.

Me: "..."
Mia: "... erm..."
Me: "... hi."
Mia: *Looking to explain what's going on.* "I'm doing Rocky Horror!"
Me: "Oh god." *Walks off.*
Mia: "What?"

Presumably this dance would be the time warp or whatever. Still. Very, very weird to walk in on.


Mar. 25th, 2006 02:00 pm
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Saw Walk the Line last night. Jon Stewart's "Ray with white people" comment at the Oscars was far more accurate than I was expecting, but of course that's not entirely fair since both movies are biopics and all. Still, the parallels are very clear.

We had dinner at a friend of my mom's afterwards. There probably would have been some fascinating conversation if any of us could hear ourselves over my sister and her friend Lauren screeching and laughing. Tonight they sleep in the studio, which is going to be an entirely unpleasant night for me.

Oh, and a truly astounding quote from Lauren in response to my telling her that in 8th grade math my final grade was an E, or 37% to be precise...

"Out of what?" Face, meet palm.


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